Hong Kong Travel Guide (video)

We found a pretty great video today on Vimeo, which is worth a watch if you are thinking of visiting Hong Kong. It is 6 minutes long, but covers everything you need to know.

Hong Kong Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia from Expedia on Vimeo.

(If the video doesn’t play, watch it here)

Located on China’s south coast, Hong Kong offers some of the world’s most intense shopping, sightseeing and dining experiences, yet moments of stillness await at every turn.

Hong Kong has over 600 places of worship, from neighborhood temples to hilltop monasteries.

Shopping is almost a religion too! From opulent malls like Pacific Place to the markets of Temple Street, tax-free Hong Kong is heaven for bargain hunters.

I don’t think you can ever truely realize what a city is like until you visit it in person – but these tour guide videos can help. HK is a really beautiful and great city (my fav!)

Want Something The Opposite Of Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a great place – and a very unique one. But after being here for many months sometimes you just want to get away, and go to somewhere completely different.


Peru is a great country with some awesome sights to be seen. It is bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile – so once you are here there are plenty of options to go visit some other countries. I can almost guarantee that you will find almost no similarty between HK and Peru. Its capital, Lima, isn’t too often travelled to (certainly not as much as Hong Kong). But head to Lima, which is in the heart of a valley. With its huge population of 7 million, it is comparable to Hong Kong. But HK has a population density of 6500/sq km, Peru has much less – 2.8 thousand per square km. So it does feel less crowded, but at the same time – so many people still!


Poland is an interesting country, with lots of history. For many years (within the last couple of centuries) it didn’t even exist. It has been invaded many times – most famously by the Nazis and Soviets during WWII. It has a lot of old cities, such as Krakow (which was not torn apart by World War 2, so much of the old buildings are still in place), and its capital Warsaw.

Despite a lot of people thinking that it is eastern europe, it is very similar to Germany. And visit one of the old towns (like Krakow) and it will feel nothing like HK. They have some mountain ranges (Zakopane) that are beautiful, and full of wooden mountain houses.


Wales is an interesting country. They have their own language, despite everyone speaking English there. It is well known for having lots of sheep, and an uneven terrain (mountains and hills). The people are always very friendly. Cardiff is the capital, but there are many other places to visit in Wales.

Meeting Canadians in HK

We have spent quite a lot of time in HK. Maybe, as some of our friends and famil back home would say, too long. But we love it. We have a great mix of friendships and relationships in HK.

But one thing we have always noticed is the lack of other Canadians in Hong Kong. We tended to see Canadians all over Europe, and even in some US states when we have been there. But where are they in Hong Kong?!

The Best Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a fantastic selection of sights, people and food!




This is why you should check out Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is one my favourite place in the world. It has everything a tourist could want. Great sights, great food, great people. It might not be the cheapest places, but it is a lot of fun down here!

Firstly the sights at night:


I think a lot of cities such as London or New York look beautiful at night – but nothing compares for me to Hong Kong’s night sky! It has just the right mix of water, sky scrapers and lights!

And the great thing about Hong Kong is that it is not only during the night that it looks beautiful. Check this pic out:



Our Favourite Travel Sites


The Best HK Photographers

HK is a beautiful city, with lots of opportunities to take some great photos. You can get a good (random) selection at Photo Bucket, but the quality is often rubbish.

I prefer curated sites like Pinterest – such as here, which include photos like this beauty.

This website – http://www.globalphotos.org/hongkong.htm – has some great ones, but the layout is very old…

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline viewed from Victoria Peak” by HAYDN HSIN. Via Wikipedia.

HK Fashion – Crop Tops

This is a quite specific post, but has anyone else in HK (if you live there or travelling) noticed how popular Crop Tops are… but… only for one week. Then they have a week off. It is weird.

A photo of a white crop top

A photo of a white crop top

I’ve never wanted to go up to a HK local and ask to take a pic of their crop top… so the best I can do is from Wikipedia.

Major Lazer at Volar in HK

Ok, I have to admit I love Major Lazer. There is something about his tunes and remixes that I love. So when he was coming to HK… well, lets say I got a little bit excited!


If you are in HK and also love him, well, check this page out!

MAJOR LAZER – COACHELLA 2010” by Jared eberhardtFlickr: MAJOR LAZER – COACHELLA 2010. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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